A little workshop set up in Olot in 1916, and the shortage of lamp holders at the time, was the beginning of what is today, 100 years later, the Simon group. The Group is now led by the fourth generation of the family and is present in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The company’s trajectory and international scope includes business areas ranging from small electrical equipment, connectivity for workplaces, indoor and urban lighting and control systems to electrical vehicle recharging, where design and technology are a strategic constant along with continuous research and process improvement.

And one crucial asset remains the same: our primary industrial experience; knowledge of the production origin of each product, we even design our own machinery. Our philosophy of expansion is also about being a local specialist – with our own production centre and handling our own commercialisation, logistics and marketing whenever possible – to adapt to local rules and regulations.

We want you to create experiences through your everyday actions. To experience new sensations through technology, design and simplicity. We want you to feel the same way we do when we create our products. We can’t imagine any other way of doing things.

We make innovation the norm, and make the standard into something beautiful; we simplify the most advanced technology so that no effort is required for you to work it. All of this to light up your emotions.

100 years Simon was born from the emotions of a family. Today, in rapid expansion, it’s our driver for growth. We don’t do anything that doesn’t instil this emotion in us; it’s what we are. Because only by working from emotion can you achieve great things.